The Wax Plow is designed to be the most effective tool for everyday surfboard maintenance. Combining a unique, ergonomic handle design with multi-tool functionality, the wax plow is meant to provide a quick and easy way to take the old wax off your board, clean the residue off with the solvent reservoir and spray pump, and also allow for a quick fin change when conditions require it. My partner and I are currently exploring licensing options for the design and hope to see it in surf shops and online in the near future. 
Early concept generation and model making. First prototype done using SLS rapid manufacturing. 
Initial handling and functionality testing.
Evolution of models and concepts.
After going through numerous iterations over the span of a few months, we began to hone in on the final shape. Consulting with numerous molding services, we decided that the tool would be injection molded in three parts in flexible ABS. The back cap is molded as one piece while the main body is molded as two parts and sonic welded together. The finished design is highly cost effective and will provide excellent profit margins for potential licensees. 
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